Beauty: Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit’ Review

Hello, you!
As it was my birthday a few days ago (I’m an April Fool baby…) I received some really beautiful gifts, one being the Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit – a collaboration with Anastasia Beverly Hills. For the last month I’ve been drooling over the palette which consists of six jaw-dropping highlighters of peach and golden hues – I had to have it. Whilst I don’t know anything about Nicole Guerriero, I wanted to give you my thoughts on the Glow Kit, breaking down the three P’s (Packaging, Product, Price).

I’m a sucker for pink, so when I unwrapped this beauty and saw the glossy sparkling rose sleeve and metallic silver lettering, I was in love – so reflective and pr90d680858a3a1912f527088f3074e618etty! I also like how the packaging matches the colour tone of the highlighters. The cosmetic container has the same stunning style and has a rectangular shape with the classic flip style lid. Once lifted, the six shades are revealed. Whilst I’ve seen pictures of shattered palettes (which suggests the packaging is kinda flimsy) this didn’t happen to me so I’d suggest simply handling the product with care.

I literally didn’t know which highlighter to swatch first; each shade is equally as breath-taking. They also have really cute names…

  • ‘Kitty Kat’ – pink shade with platinum shimmers
  • ‘Forever Young’ – pearl shade with silver shimmers
  • ‘Daydream’ – coral shade with gold shimmers
  • ‘Forever Lit’ – platinum shade with lavender shimmers
  • ‘Glo Getter’ – champagne shade with rose shimmers
  • ‘143’ – rose gold shade with bronze shimmers

The texture, pigment and performance of each is incredible. My favourite shades are ‘Kitty Kat’ and ‘Forever Lit’ as they suit my pale skin. I think there are colours to suit anyone as the combination of peach and golds can complement any skin tone. The highlighters can be uswerked dry or damp so I’ve swatched both in the same order as listed above to show the difference. Personally, I find the product a little chunky when damp so I prefer to use it dry, applying multiple layers to my cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, eyebrow bone and inner eye corner to give a blinding finish. You can combine any of the shades as well – it’s such a versatile product! Obviously, the highlighters can be used subtly too, it depends on your preference and the look you’re werking.

The Glow Kit totals up at £39, which is undeniably expensive and there are so many cheaper highlighters out there that give a stunning glow for far less (one of my faves is here for £3). I do feel like this palette is worth the splurge though and definitely fulfils anyone’s ‘treat yo’ self’ need. Anastasia Beverly Hills is a luxurious and highly reputable brand that’s used by beauty gurus the world over and I can understand why; beautiful quality, stunning packaging and cruelty free! The cost for this six highlighter palette and the earlier Glow Kits (‘Sun Dipped’, ‘Sweets’ and ‘That Glow’) that only have 4, are the same so this is definitely a better deal. Whilst it’s pricey, it’s really worth it.

glowkitglowkit2glow 4

I’ve attached a few photos of me wearing the highlighters to show examples of how they can be used. I hope you’ve found my review useful – have you used a Glow Kit? What’s your favourite highlighter? I’d love to hear!



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