Beauty: More Beauty for Your Buck

Hello, you!
Sharing is caring, especially when it comes to beauty tips. You’ve spent money on products that you love so naturally you want to get the most from them, right? There are a lot of ‘beauty hack’ posts out there so I thought I’d share a few of my tried and tested tips. What are yours? Let me know!

  • Buy samples
    Ordering samples before buying the full-size product is such a great way of masample.jpgking sure you’re not wasting money – especially on foundations. I have combination skinĀ so I need to be certain that theĀ foundation isn’t going to break me out or dry my face. Aside from making sure the product suits your skin, samples are so helpful if you’re not sure what shade you are – again, with foundations it changes so much between brands and it’s definitely better to test if you’re not sure. It’s definitely better to waste money on a sample than it is on a full product!
  • Wash your makeup sponge after every use
    Who’d have thought a sponge could be so pricey? To get a longer life out of yours make sure to wash it after every use. It seems excessive, but it really makes sense. Aside from making your sponge last longer, regular washing means less product build up, guaranteeing smoother foundation coverage. Also, bacteria can multiply in the sponge so cleaning it means you’re also doing your skin a favour too. If it’s better for your face and better for your skin, it’s a win-win…
  • Remove theĀ rubber capconcealer1concealer
    The rubber cap (the clear ring you can see in the photo) is usually a good thing as it wipes off excess product from the applicator. But once you’re running low,Ā the applicator can’t reach what’s left. This little trick is so easy! With a pair of cheap tweezers, hook under the cap and bring it up (it may take a few attempts to get it out completely). Once you get the hang of it, it will come out in seconds. I do this a lot with concealers and lip glosses becauseĀ there’s so much of them remaining it’s just the little cap that stops you getting to it. So don’t bin it – get the most from your product!peggy primer
  • Cut and peg it
    If you can’t squeeze anymore out of the bottle, it’s time to cut it because I guarantee there’s still loads of product in there. I put a peg on the top the push the product down (a bit like when you roll the toothpaste…) or you can just take it out from the top. It’s a simple way of getting the most out of your favourite products!

So there you have it – hopefully these tips can help you get the most out of your makeup. If you’ve got any you swear by, I’m all ears!



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