Decoupage: The DIY Craze You Need to Try

Hello, you!
As I look around my box room at University, I see a lot of homemade items in amongst the Bowie posters and pictures of my boyfriend’s dog. My tried and tested favourite DIY craft is decoupage. Mainly, this is because it’s so simple. Decoupaging consists of  cutting out bits you like 17392971_10211593670131241_540052911_nand sticking them to anything – no fancy equipment or arty experience required. From photo frames to greetings cards to tables, there’s nothing that can’t be revamped. If I (the most impatient person in the world) can do it, anyone can and the results are beautiful! Maybe it’s a little too much on the eye for some but I am a firm believer that you can never have too much of a good thing…
So what’s stopping you from attacking that boring storage box with a bit of glue and some cut out bits? If you’re interested in getting the 101, carry on reading for my step by step guide. I’d love to see anything you’ve decoupaged the hell out of!
P.S: Some of the creations pictured here were made by my lovely Nan who is the Queen of Decoupage.

You will need…17361433_10211593847335671_1091521331_n

  • Scissors
  • Kitchen towel
  • Cut outs to your taste
  • Glue – I use the old faithful PVA or Mod Podge

Step One…

Find whatever it is you’re going to customise and give it a dusting down if necessary (boring bit bleurgh).

Step Two…

Cut out your chosen pictures. They could be from magazines, specific decoupage sheets (super che17392179_10211593670491250_1115277958_nap on eBay), fabric, wrapping or wall paper, greetings cards, paper serviette – the list is endless. Try and get your cutting out really neat as this looks better.

Step Three…

Arrange and glue down your cuttings. You could do this as an organised process or throw caution to the wind and just start sticking – there’s no right or
wrong! Once glued, dab off any access with your paper towel. If you’re not 100% with something when it’s glued down, wash it over with water and the cut out will peel off leaving no residue or stain!

Step Four…

Once your design is stuck down, add a coating of glue all over and leave it to dry. The length of time this takes varies depending on what it is you’ve decoupaged but the wait is always well worth it! 17352791_10211593669851234_1544072985_n

Step Five…

Love what you’ve created! Your decoupage customisation is entirely unique and I think that’s pretty cool. Don’t forget to show me what you’ve made!



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